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  • Premises lockdown, administration and occupancy analysis

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  • On-site CCTV with object traction, visitor counters, vehicle license plate and human face recognition

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  • Move all your data to the cloud and keep using it with thin clients

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Enterprise Systems Integrator

We specialize in bringing together a whole lot of modern software, hardware and technologies into a single and solid solutions. Our crew is good in customer's task analysis, schematic design, virtual prototyping, programming, project management, product supply and logistics, installation and infrastructure maintanance. Our customers appreciate our cost-effective vendor cooperation policies and strong management standards.

There's four basic elements we have to provide customer's enterprise infrastructure

Reliability & Endurance

Online Monitoring

We collect and analyze every single bit of performance data throughout customer's network and server infrastructure directly to our cloud monitoring service.

Stress Testing

Any well-running system needs to be updated and checked for security breaches over time. Here is where our information security analytics come along.

Help Desk

Our high-skilled support technicians are stress-resistant and trained for patience. Keeping users happy is our top priority.

Parts Supply

Even a most failproof system has to be backed up by a compliant spare parts to minimize recovery costs in case of emergency.


Monologic will partner you in deploying and managing virtualization solutions from VMWare and Microsoft® to ensure effective IT infrastructure utilization and lowering associated costs. Automated system management and administration at every level in the data center allows greater focus on more strategic planning activities. Moreover, through virtualization, organizations can achieve a reduced deployment time for new IT services by 70%.